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『我只想躲在洞裡☐☐』廖以歆個展 2023.10.7 - 2023.11.122023-10-12

I Just to hide in a cave and xxxxx - IChin Liao

Dates|2023.10.7 - 2023.11.12
Opening|2023.10.7 Sat 15:00
Artist Forum | 2023.10.14 Sat 14:00
Venue|Yesart Gallery 意識畫廊 / 台北市中山北路七段48號

The "I Just Want to Hide in the Cave and xxxxx" exhibition showcases IChin Liao latest creations, utilizing rusty metal sheets as canvases. Through the materiality and temporality of discarded metal sheets, and employing techniques such as painting, scraping, striking, or engraving with oil colors, Liao integrates her life experiences beyond the canvas, presenting them in a more natural and free manner, creating a vocabulary distinct from the past and initiating new dialogues. The artworks reflect the continuous sight and sound of naval vessels and fighter jets in rehearsal from outside the Hsinchu studio, stimulating sensory experiences she never had. Through artistic creation, she presents her reflections on life experiences to people. The rusty metal sheets were originally used for fences, and this seemingly sturdy yet fragile "protection" envelops her like a cave, allowing the symbols of perceptual memory to burst forth freely within the brief “safety".
To showcase IChin Liao's recent creations, Yesart Gallery transforms its indoor space, creating a corner resembling a cave. The concept of the theme is realized, inviting the viewers to immerse themselves in the "cave" in a meditative state, experiencing a connection to the artist's subconscious.

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